Analysts warn not to just look at Duohuida, which may plunge 20% in the next 18 months

The market is now broadly bullish on NVDA (NASDAQ: NVDA) after a strong earnings report, but analysts warn that the good times may not last.

The market is now broadly bullish on NVDA (NASDAQ: NVDA) after a strong earnings report, but some analysts warn the good times may not last.
DA Davidson analyst Gil Luria said he expects the chipmaker\’s shares to decline by double digits over the next 18 months.
Luria is one of the most bearish forecasters on Huida in a long time.
Luria said it was no surprise that the chipmaker\’s latest earnings report beat Wall Street expectations.
However, this trend will weaken.
Luria estimates that Huida\’s stock price may fall to about $900 by 2026, which means the stock price will fall about 14% from current levels. The stock price may fall by up to 20% in the next year and a half.
\”My forecast for 2026 is the lowest on Wall Street. The short-term outlook is very good. The long-term outlook may be worse than most people expect,\” Luria said.
Judging from the market response, Luria is completely in the minority.
Bulls point to the company\’s rising profits over the past few years.
However, Luria said that Huida’s largest customers include technology giants such as Meta (META-US), Alphabet (GOOGL-US) and Amazon (AMZN-US). These companies are already developing their own AI chips or investing in other partners. They are interested in Huida. dependence may diminish over time.
He said it was not a secret or speculation.
The companies are already talking about it it just takes time.
This is not a 2024 thing because it will take time to ramp up production, write the software, and get customers to accept this alternative.
Luria stressed that this does mean it should have a bigger impact in the next year or two.
Luria said he would immediately give the stock a \”sell\” rating once Huida\’s top clients begin withdrawing funds.
Luria has been warning for months of long-term declines in Huida\’s stock price, but investors remain very bullish on the stock.
Huida\’s stock price hits a record high after reporting first-quarter earnings As the gold rush for artificial intelligence continues, analysts remain strongly optimistic.

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