AI leader Huida is about to release its financial report. The market is most concerned about these three points.

This week, the U.S. stock market is focusing on NVDA-US\’ financial report. Analysts expect that investors will focus on the production capacity growth of the Blackwell series, the prospects of market demand, and profit margin trends.

This week, the U.S. stock market focuses on NVDA-US. Financial analysts expect investors to focus on the production capacity growth of the Blackwell series, the prospects for market demand, and profit margin trends. Oppenheimer analyst Rick Schafer pointed out that as we all know, the market has seen interest in artificial intelligence accelerators. \”Insatiable\” demand, adding that he and most others expect Huida to report another quarter of growth.
But Wall Street seems less concerned about the current situation and is taking a longer-term view as Huida prepares to start shipping its new line of Blackwell chips later this year.
New advances in Blackwell series of chips Huida, a leader in AI chips, has a market value of more than $1 trillion this year. Last year, the company predicted that demand for its H100 processor would double its revenue.
Wall Street will be watching the latest developments in the Blackwell series of GPUs that the company says will be the highest-performing AI chips on the market, surpassing the current H200 series and AMD\’s MI300 series.
The current Blackwell series is expected to be available in October or November. The price of a single GPU is likely to be around US$30,000 to US$40,000. The release of this product will consolidate Huida\’s current double-digit growth in fiscal 2025 and fiscal 2026. Forecast.
Whether there is a sudden change in market demand. In addition, a word often mentioned recently when discussing Huida is \”air pocket\”. That is, investors want to know whether Huida will experience some kind of slowdown in demand growth as customers prepare for Blackwell\’s listing.
BofA Securities analyst Vivek Arya warned Huida\’s share price could be volatile in the short term partly due to Blackwell\’s previous demand deceleration.
While some investors expect sales for the quarter to hit nearly $28 billion, above consensus estimates of $26.5 billion, the stock price could still react adversely to those bullish outlooks.
Jefferies analyst Blayne Curtis noted that we often hear concerns that Blackwell will experience an air pocket (a sharp drop in demand), but we currently see no signs of this. Cloud service providers are still chasing supply, and they have a long list of customers behind them who were unable to get the product last year. .
He said: “We believe that the increased volume of GB200 NVL products will be the main driving force of this event and Huida will once again extend their control to a larger range of artificial intelligence systems.
\”Changes in profit margins In addition, investors will monitor gross profit margins to see if they have peaked.\”
Arya believes the price drop represents pricing pressure, an unfavorable mix (more Chinese H20 shipments and/or more inference units), and signs of slowing demand/supply slowdown.
It is worth noting that Huida’s earnings have exceeded expectations for five consecutive quarters. The average profit-beating probability in the past four quarterly reports reached 20.18%.
In terms of sales, sales in the first quarter are expected to increase by 237%. Huida\’s sales have exceeded expectations for 20 consecutive quarters.

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