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arts. The Hongbaoshan summer electricity price starts from May 16 to October 15. The electricity price for large UHV electricity consumers during the night peak period between 16:00 and 22:00 will be 7.49 yuan per kilowatt hour throughout the year; while during the half-peak period, the summer electricity price will be increased to 7.49 yuan per kilowatt hour. 4.64 yuan per kilowatt hour (4.34 yuan per kilowatt hour in non-summer months); the off-peak electricity price in summer months is raised to 2.08 yuan per kilowatt hour (1.89 yuan per kilowatt hour in non-summer months).
Taipower said that because the electricity prices for large electricity consumers such as high voltage and ultra-high voltage are already relatively high, the difference in summer electricity prices on industrial electricity bills will not be too obvious.
From June 1st to September 30th, 14 million people\’s livelihood users are eligible for summer electricity prices. The average monthly electricity consumption in non-summer months is 339 kilowatt-hours. In summer months, the average monthly electricity consumption is 428 kilowatt-hours, an increase of about 30%. The former\’s monthly electricity bill is about 68,247 yuan. The latter\’s About 1078.7 The monthly electricity bill increased by about 58% in Yuanxia month.
There are some tips to save electricity at home. Be careful of the hidden version of the electricity-eating monster. For civilian electricity users, regularly checking and turning off unnecessary electrical appliances is the first step to effectively achieve energy conservation. According to statistics from the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, annual household electricity consumption nationwide in 2021 The top five electrical appliances are \”air conditioner\” accounting for 29.46%, \”refrigerator\” accounting for 11.98%, \”lighting\” accounting for 9.92%, \”electric water heater\” accounting for 9.90% and \”television\” accounting for 6.69%.
On average, an air conditioner consumes nearly one kilowatt-hour of electricity per hour. In fact, the most power-consuming part is not the air-conditioner but the electric water heater. Its standby consumption is as high as that of running around the clock, which is nearly 20 kilowatt-hours.
Taipower reminds the public that turning off the seat-warming function of the toilet seat and unplugging the electric hot water bottle, two power-hungry monsters, can reduce standby power consumption and electricity bills.
In summer, the electricity consumption of air conditioners reaches as high as 49.25%, becoming the largest household electricity consumption. Electric cookers, electric hot water bottles, and TV top boxes are also hidden \”power-eating monsters\” in the home.
Energy-saving methods for air-conditioning include adjusting the air-conditioning temperature to 26-28°C to save 6% of electricity for each degree increase, using electric fans and installing automatic temperature control equipment.
Choose an inverter air conditioner and buy a high CSPF air conditioner. The higher the CSPF value of the air conditioner, the more energy it saves. Each increase of 0.1 can save 2-3% of electricity consumption.
Do not go out for more than half an hour. Avoid turning the air conditioner on and off frequently. If you go out for less than half an hour, it is recommended to increase the temperature by 1°C and keep the air conditioner running. Return to the room and adjust the temperature to the original setting.
Other energy-saving tips for air conditioning include activating the sleep function while sleeping, regularly cleaning the air filter, installing blinds or curtains, and regularly cleaning the outdoor unit.
Taiwan is an island lacking energy resources. In recent years, under the anti-nuclear energy policy, natural gas has become the main means of rescue for Taiwan\’s power generation. It is expected that natural gas power generation will account for more than 50% of Taiwan\’s power generation by 2025. Although it is conducive to phasing out coal-fired power generation units to improve air pollution, Taiwan\’s natural gas inventory is only eleven days old. If the transportation route in the South China Sea is blocked, the whole world will probably become nervous about Taiwan\’s semiconductor supply chain. Therefore, in addition to developing green power to reduce carbon emissions, energy storage also accounts for an important part of Taiwan\’s energy policy.
The issue of no shortage of electricity has been a hot topic, helping to boost the rise of heavy-duty electricity and energy storage-related concept stocks. After the opening of the Kwun Tong LNG terminal, the National Development Council stated that Taiwan will not be short of electricity by 2030. The current blackouts in some areas are mostly caused by power transmission and distribution. The loss may be as high as 30% to 40%. In addition, the energy storage related to intermittent power generation from renewable energy has not been done well. Therefore, Taipower plans to spend 564.5 billion yuan over ten years to strengthen the resilience of the power grid. The plan has triggered the rise of Huacheng, Shidian, Heavy electronics groups such as ZTE and Asia Pacific have doubled and surged. In addition, stocks with energy storage system concept stocks such as Shanwei Investment Holdings, Century Steel, Guosuo, and Canghe have gradually shaken off the bottom and risen. This shows that the market is not lacking. attention to electrical issues.
In Taipower\’s plan to strengthen grid resilience, a budget of about one billion to two billion yuan is used for the \”Regional Grid Energy Storage Project.\” Taipower plans to select two to four substations across Taiwan to set up microgrids, among which Delta Delta Electric has obtained the bid for the construction of a regional grid energy storage system at Taipower Chiayi Xinyu Substation. Delta Power will connect the diesel generator, solar power system and user terminal power load to the distribution-level microgrid energy storage at the substation. The system capacity reaches 5MW/7.68MWh to create a microgrid that can be connected to the grid or operated independently and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
Next business opportunities for Delta\’s Electric Energy Storage Division also include the energy storage demand after the terms for large electricity consumers are put on the road, and the grid demand response when Taipower opens up private industry bidding.
Delta Electric\’s experience in energy conservation and carbon reduction is that the most effective way is to start by saving electricity yourself, and it can be done immediately.
The highest electricity consumption in the world is that buildings account for up to 40% of the total electricity consumption. If everyone can have the correct concept of user payment, the most terrible situation of inefficient use of electricity by users can be avoided in the process of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Therefore, in order to establish a correct user-pays concept, the government should allow Taipower to increase its prices to reflect costs and abandon using subsidies to continue Taipower\’s life.
Source: \”Finance Weekly\” Issue 1238. For more exciting content, please go to \”Finance Weekly\”

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