Biden\’s approval rating drops! Rising inflation keeps U.S. voters from seeing economic improvement

The recent rise in U.S. inflation appears to be reversing voter support for President Joe Biden, with 80% of respondents citing high prices as one of the biggest financial challenges, according to new polls.

The latest poll shows that the recent trend of rising inflation in the United States appears to have reversed voters\’ support for President Biden at 80%, with respondents citing high prices as one of the biggest financial challenges.
The Financial Times reported on Sunday (12th) that a poll conducted by the Financial Times and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan showed that 58% of respondents were dissatisfied with Biden\’s economic policies, an increase from 55% last month. 40% of respondents are satisfied.
Only 28% of respondents believe that Biden’s administration will be good for the economy, which is also a decrease of 4 percentage points from the previous month.
Biden\’s approval rating on the economy, which rose slightly in April, has fallen back to levels that have frustrated White House officials.
The survey was conducted from May 2 to 6.
Recent U.S. price data suggest inflation may be more stubborn than expected at the start of the year.
In addition to inflation, 49% of respondents are worried that their income ratio is higher than 45% last month; 32% of respondents are worried that housing costs are also higher than 27% in April.
The poll also found that 51% of respondents believe their financial situation has worsened since Biden was elected president.
In terms of foreign policy, the poll also reflects part of the reason for Biden\’s decline in support.
A record 47% of respondents said the U.S. provides too much military and financial aid to Israel and a record 50% said too much is being spent on aid to Ukraine.

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