Prevent poverty, disease, and fraud! Preparatory courses for the second half of life that the \”Three Defense Generations\” aged 30 to 50 must understand

Text/Huang Jiancheng

Text/Huang Jiancheng \”Three Defense Generation\” is here! Have you ever thought about the young people who are now 30 to 50 years old and have a population of more than 7 million? When you decide to retire after working hard for most of your life, poverty, illness, and fraud will become the biggest challenges in the second half of your life! How to build a financial safety net to prevent poverty, disease, and fraud to ensure the \”Three Books for Old Age People\” has become a required course that the \”Three Prevention Generations\” must think about immediately.
If you face the problem squarely and respond early, you will have a better chance of developing your own \”late beauty life.\”
In a super-aging society, people face the risk of longevity as they live longer. Health insurance and labor insurance frequently report bankruptcy concerns.
When people in their 30s to 50s hear these news, they inevitably start to worry about whether they will be poor, sick, or accidentally step on a fraud landmine when they retire.
If the general economic environment changes drastically, if you want to retire with peace of mind, you can only rely on yourself to prepare in advance. This remains the same ironclad rule.
Therefore, as for the \”three-prevention generation\” who needs to prevent poverty, disease and fraud, how should we build a financial safety net for the second half of life? No matter how ridiculous it is, people will be deceived! Make good use of the mechanism to prevent your money from being defrauded. \”I am an astronaut drifting in outer space. Hurry up and send me $10,000 before I can return to Earth…\” It is an extremely ridiculous reason. Some people have been deceived by it. The Ministry of the Interior, the Police Department, the Criminal Police Department, Prevention. Section Chief Lin Shuli shared this outrageous fraud case that he heard at an international seminar.
He reluctantly said that in addition to the public sector\’s active efforts to combat fraud, the public also needs to be highly vigilant at all times to avoid being deceived.
According to the Police Statistics Report from the Statistics Office of the Police Station, there were a total of 37,000 fraud cases in 2023, of which 11,700 were investment fraud cases, accounting for 30% of the total number of cases.
Further exploration into the structure of the victims shows that the most defrauded people are those aged between 20 and 29; however, the amount of damage suffered by those aged between 50 and 59 is higher when defrauded.
Lin Shuli also pointed out that since last year, the number of investment fraud cases has jumped to the top of the list, and it was even the project that increased the most financial losses last year. Recently, there has been a \”campaign\” for people who have been defrauded, pretending to help recover the defrauded money. Second Reading\” Fraud.
There are hundreds of scams that are nothing more than taking advantage of human weaknesses to defraud victims of their hard-earned money. Therefore, for the three-prevention generation, fraud prevention has become one of the important issues now and into old age.
In fact, how to use mechanisms to lock assets and prevent fraud can also be prepared in advance, just like pensions and medical insurance for old age.
[This article is excerpted from the May issue of Vision Magazine; for more articles, please visit the official website of Vision Magazine:]

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