AI servers account for 40% of the global market! Mainland China’s technology stocks performed well, and hundreds of institutions rushed to research Hon Hai Industries Fii, which attracted the most attention

China\’s \”Securities Times\” reported that in the week ending last Thursday (16th), there were more than 1,300 stocks listed by Chinese research institutions, among which Fii (601138-CN), a subsidiary of Hon Hai (2317-TW), received the most attention degree, a total of 228 research companies, including 57 funds, 59 securities firms, 17 private equity, 10 insurance funds and 29 overseas institutions, etc., and because they believe that the market outlook for Chinese technology stocks is promising, the number of institutions investing in research is as high as Hundreds.

China\’s \”Securities Times\” reported that in the week ending last Thursday (16th), there were more than 1,300 stocks in China\’s research and research institutions. Among them, Fii (601138-CN), a subsidiary of Hon Hai (2317-TW), received the highest attention, with a total of 228 The companies that research this include 57 funds, 59 securities firms, 17 private equity, 10 insurance funds and 29 overseas institutions. The number of institutions that have invested in research on China\’s technology stocks is as high as hundreds because they believe that the market outlook for China\’s technology stocks is promising.
According to data from Databao, a subsidiary of the Securities Times, Fii\’s AI-related business volume is close to 60 billion yuan, accounting for approximately 30% of total cloud computing revenue, which is higher than 20% in 2022. This year, AI\’s contribution to the company\’s total cloud computing revenue is expected to reach 40%. %AI servers account for 40% of the global market share.
Fii also revealed that the AI ​​server market will maintain rapid growth. According to MIC and Trendforce estimates, global AI server shipments last year exceeded 1.25 million units, with an annual growth rate of over 47% and will grow to 1.94 million units this year. Cloud service providers Capital expenditures will also increase significantly.
The capital expenditures of the world\’s top four cloud service providers are expected to increase from US$140 billion last year to more than US$200 billion this year.
In terms of high-speed switches and high-speed routers, Fii\’s revenue is also increasing quarter by quarter. Data center AI and network upgrade trends are driving the growth of high-speed switch shipments. Industrial Fii\’s market share among global heavyweight customers continues to grow. At the same time, it also continues to expand new customers. Currently, its main customers cover more than 75% of the global market share.
In addition, AI concept stock Wanda Information has also been studied by more than 100 research institutions. The company revealed that its computer room has a total area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, part of which is rented to Shanghai Medical Insurance and part for self-use and other customers, totaling more than 130 cabinets.
If the computer room is fully equipped, it can accommodate about 1,000 cabinets.
In addition, stocks such as SUPCON Technology, Huafeng Measurement and Control, Honghua Digital, and Shengmei Shanghai have also been studied by more than 100 research institutions.
Sukron Technology stated that in the future, the company will continue to fully seize development opportunities, deeply integrate AI technology to build \”AI + data\” core competitiveness, maximize data value and customer benefits, and accelerate the widespread application and implementation of industrial AI to achieve industrial development. And then complete the transformation and upgrading into an industrial AI company.
According to statistics from Databao, among the many listed companies that have been researched by institutions, the net profit of Vosges, Hals, Guizhou Tire, Haosheng Electronics, Shengxing, etc. increased by more than 100% last year, and the price-to-earnings ratio was less than 15 times. Haosheng Electronics is less than 5 times the lowest.
Industrial Fii is one of the big bull stocks in AI. Last year, its stock price soared by nearly 70%. This year, it has risen by nearly 74% again and hit a record high.

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