An American banker who died at a headhunting company wanted to change jobs because his working hours were too long

A 35-year-old Bank of America (BAC) investment banker who died of a blood clot earlier this month wanted to leave the U.S. bank because his weekly Work more than 100 hours.

A 35-year-old Bank of America (BAC-US) investment banker died of a blood clot earlier this month. He wanted to leave the Bank of America because he was working more than 100 hours a week, according to a recruiter who spoke with him about looking for a new position. hours.
New York\’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said last week that junior banker Leo Lukenas III died of an acute coronary thrombosis.
Douglas Walters, managing partner at GrayFox Recruitment, said Lukenas said in mid-March that he wanted to leave Bank of America because of the long hours.
GrayFox specializes in placing people in the financial industry including investment banking and private equity.
Waters said Lukenas, a U.S. Army veteran who leaves behind a wife and two children, did not bring up any health concerns when discussing career options.
There was no evidence that long working hours contributed to Lukenas\’ death.
According to Lucknas\’ LinkedIn profile, he became an associate in charge of mergers and acquisitions at Bank of America\’s New York financial institutions department four months after starting his internship in March 2023.
His LinkedIn profile lists him as part of a Bank of America team advising regional bank UMB Financial on its $2 billion acquisition of smaller rival Heartland Financial; the deal was announced on April 29.
There is no indication that UMB knew how many hours Lukenas worked at Bank of America.
Waters said he worked with Lucknas to apply for an associate position at a \”boutique\” investment bank in New York but declined to name the bank.
Waters said although the investment bank\’s pay package was lower, Lucknas considered the role because he sought a better work-life balance.
\”He commented, \’Hey I\’m willing to trade sleep time for a 10 percent pay cut,\’\” Waters said.
’” adding that Lucknas said he spent too little time with his family.

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