One article from Apple’s spring conference revealed the thinnest iPad Pro and two new iPad Airs in history equipped with M4 chips

Apple held an online spring new product launch event at 10 pm on Tuesday (7th) Taiwan time, including the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. The latter is equipped with the latest M4 chip, which is the ultimate chip for artificial intelligence (AI). Powerful chips, as well as new iPad peripheral accessories Apple Pencil Pro and Smart Keyboard.

Apple will hold an online spring new product launch event at 10 pm on Tuesday (7th) Taiwan time. The content includes the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, the latter of which is equipped with the latest M4 chip. This chip is an extremely powerful chip used for artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, there are new iPad peripheral accessories Apple Pencil Pro and Smart Keyboard.
It is worth noting that Apple CEO Cook began to talk about the Vision Pro launched in February this year and showed the application fields of the head-mounted device. For example, Porsche uses the head-mounted device to create future showrooms, technician training, etc. It can also be used in movies. Editing and visual effects have even branched out into the medical field to improve eye surgery care.
It’s not hard to see that Cook is going to great lengths to promote Apple’s expensive headset.
As of press time, Apple\’s (AAPL-US) stock price rose 0.28% after Tuesday\’s new product launch event, temporarily trading at $182.22 per share.
iPad Air Apple launches two new iPad Airs.
(Picture: Apple) Apple has launched two new iPad Air products. One is a regular upgraded version of the 11-inch machine, and the other is a brand-new 13-inch version. Both will be equipped with M2 chips.
Apple has also moved the iPad Air\’s front-facing lens to the longer side of the device, i.e. landscape mode, for better video conferencing.
The smaller iPad with 128GB of storage starts at NT$19,900 (all units below are the same), while the larger version starts at NT$26,900.
(Picture: Apple) This is the first new iPad model released by Apple since October 2022 and the longest update since Apple launched the product line in 2011.
iPad Air is Apple\’s mid-range model. The last upgrade was in March 2022. The new iPad Air is available in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, starlight, and space gray. The launch time in Taiwan has not yet been determined.
The new iPad Pro will have 11-inch and 13-inch models, which will use OLED displays for the first time to support LTPO technology and 120Hz ProMotion display.
Apple calls it its thinnest product yet, measuring just 5.1mm thick.
Apple launches iPad Pro equipped with M4 chip.
(Picture: Apple) Apple says the tablet is brighter and more colorful than older models using the new Ultra Retina XDR display, which uses innovative breakthrough tandem OLED technology to deliver ultra-bright and ultra-accurate contrast.
In addition, the new screen will have longer life and better battery life.
Some supply chain experts say this is the best OLED panel ever.
(Picture: Apple) At the same time, the new iPad Pro will also be equipped with Apple’s M4 chip, which is called Apple’s most powerful iPad.
Apple said the M4 chip is \”the most powerful chip for artificial intelligence\” and introduced the company\’s Neural Engine, a chip specifically used for AI software that can quickly separate the subject in a video from the background.
John Ternus, Apple\’s head of hardware, said at the press conference: \”This stunning design and breakthrough display allow us to move towards the next generation of Apple silicon.
\”In terms of price, the 11-inch model starts at 34,900 yuan, and the 13-inch model starts at 45,900 yuan. The two models are available in silver and space black colors. The launch time in Taiwan has not yet been determined.
Apple Pencil Pro (Picture: Apple) Apple Pencil Pro adds more clever features. With advanced functions such as two-finger press, swivel and tactile feedback, marking, taking notes and creating masterpieces are more intuitive than ever.
Use the Apple Pencil hover function to accurately preview Apple Pencil Pro at the pen position of the display and double-tap to quickly switch tools.
Apple Pencil Pro can be magnetically attached to the side of iPad for easy pairing, charging and placement. It can also be easily located and found through the Find app.
The price is NT$4,390 and the release date in Taiwan has not yet been determined.
Smart Keyboard (Picture: Apple) Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro adopts a new design that is smooth, slim, and easy to carry, and is equipped with an aluminum metal hand rest to bring an excellent experience when typing or operating a touch trackpad.
This keyboard features a function key row USB‑C connector for pass-through charging.
It also protects the front and back of your iPad.
The cantilever design allows for smooth adjustment of various viewing angles.
In addition, the enlarged glass touch trackpad allows more ways to use iPadOS and provides tactile feedback to help perform various precise workflows and \”multi-touch\” gestures.
The price starts at NT$9,890 and the release date in Taiwan is yet to be determined.

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