Fang Yashen

  • The first financial report is disclosed

    Taiwan stocks made quite good profits in the first quarter of the year. AI servers increased their shipments. From upstream TSMC equipment to component suppliers, they all delivered brilliant results in their first-quarter financial reports; construction of heavy electronics, shipping, automotive AM components and domestic demand In addition, financial profits have also grown significantly.[Text/Fang Yashen] The market has been clamoring for the United States to cut interest rates, but the time has been delayed again and again. Geopolitics has affected the transportation of raw materials and inflation cannot be reduced. Now the latest expectations are that interest rates will be cut in September and December, so the U.S. dollar index is relatively strong.The Taiwan dollar depreciated by 4.0% in the first quarter. Taiwan\’s export value in the first quarter was US$110.3 billion, which was the highest year-on-year increase in the same quarter in previous years. 9%, the strongest growth rate in seven quarters.Mainly supported by the application of AI, the export of information communication and audio-visual products in March was written on 126. US$500 million, increasing by one per year….