People\’s Bank of China

  • Mainland stock volume shrunk, real estate stocks bucked the trend and rose due to two major bullish news in the market.

    China\’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed down more than 0.8% today (15th). While volume continued to shrink, real estate stocks bucked the trend and rose. Everbright Jiabao (600622-CN) and Tiandiyuan (600665-CN) , Yunnan Urban Investment (600239-CN) and other daily limits closed. I Love My Home, China Merchants Shekou, CCCC Real Estate, Binjiang Group, Poly Development, Special Development Services, Tianbao Infrastructure, Nanguo Real Estate, Daming City, etc. also rose by more than 5%. , mainly because of two major bullish news. One is that the relevant authorities are considering allowing local governments across the country to purchase unsold housing stock, and the other is that if the European Central Bank (ECB) cuts interest rates as scheduled, China may also cut interest rates next month.