• Q1 shipments are not even in the top five! Chinese media reports that Apple is ushering in its “Samsung moment” in China

    Global industry analysis company Counterpoint Research and research organization TechInsights recently issued a research report showing that Apple\’s (AAPL-US) iPhone sales in China fell by nearly 20% in the first quarter of this year. Chinese mobile phone brands even dominated the top five in terms of shipments, and Apple was listed Enter other brands (others), and Chinese media pointed out that Apple is ushering in a \”Samsung moment.\”

    US stock market trends May 16, 2024
  • No interest rate hikes will be seen at the FOMC meeting, and interest rate cuts will depend on the economy. Follow the footsteps of legal persons and buy funds. Compound bond investment strategies are safe allocations.

    Compiling the contents of the press conference of the May FOMC meeting (held in the early morning of May 2, Taiwan time), Schroders’ key points are summarized: no interest rate increase is expected, and interest rate reduction depends on the economy. Keep interest rates unchanged at 5.25% ~ 5.5%, high interest rates It may continue for a while, and the timing of interest rate cuts has not been relaxed, which will depend on economic data. Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell also announced that the pace of balance sheet reduction will be slowed down starting in June to ensure the stability of the money market. Ball said that the current policy interest rate is already restrictive and will not restart interest rate increases, and the biggest negative impact on the bond market has been lifted. The Schroders bond investment team stated: In response to the current market conditions, it is still necessary to maintain bond products in the investment portfolio. The preference is mainly for short and medium-term maturities to reduce the impact of interest rates and inflation. In addition, financial industries with sound fundamentals and specific Securitized commodities with evaluation advantages also have investment opportunities.