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  • Buffett holds cash to set new record

    arts. Hong Baoshan\’s annual Berkshire shareholders meeting is a time for shareholders to pay tribute to Buffett. Berkshire owns domestic businesses in many different industries such as railroads, insurance, energy, industrial and consumer goods, and also holds a stock market investment portfolio of approximately US$360 billion. Berkshire Hathaway\’s earnings report provides another window into the U.S. economy.Buffett said that the three companies are the best companies. He reduced his holdings in Apple only because of the tax burden and had nothing to do with fundamentals. This year, there would be no Charlie. Munger\’s first Berkshire shareholder meeting was also the sixtieth time Buffett participated in a lengthy question-and-answer period.Everyone wants to find future investment opportunities from the movements of Berkshire Hathaway. In the first three months of this year, nearly US$20 billion worth of stocks were sold while buying US$2.7 billion. In particular, in the fourth quarter of last year, it reduced its holdings of approximately 10 million Apple shares. Accounting for 1% of his shareholding, in the first quarter of this year, he once again cut his Apple shareholding…

  • Investor preferences change; Dow Jones rarely outperforms S&P 500 since May

    Value stocks have had a strong run since May, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average edging higher and rarely outperforming the S&P 500 Index.

    US stock market trends May 10, 2024