OpenAI\’s chief scientist\’s resignation is traceable to Musk\’s break with the founder of Google in order to poach him

OpenAI co-founder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever announced his departure from OpenAI on Tuesday (14th). CEO Altman immediately praised Sutskever\’s contribution to OpenAI and called him \” \”One of the most intelligent people of our generation.\” The two seemed to be sympathetic to each other at the moment, but just six months ago, when the OpenAI board of directors suddenly fired Altman, Sutkwell played a key role in it.

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder and chief scientist of OpenAI, announced his departure on Tuesday (14th). Altman, CEO of OpenAI, immediately praised Sutskever’s contribution to OpenAI and called him “one of our people.” \”One of the most intelligent people of a generation.\” The two seem to be sympathetic to each other at the moment, but Sutkwell played a key role when the OpenAI board of directors suddenly fired Ultraman six months ago.
Sutkwell, who was born in 1985, studied under Jeffrey Hinton, winner of the 2018 Turing Award and one of the three giants of deep learning. Although he was born in the former Soviet Union, he grew up in Israel. In 2013, he received a computer science degree from the University of Toronto in Canada. Doctorate of Science.
In the AI ​​wave that has emerged in the past decade, Sutkwell has contributed to landmark scientific research achievements such as AlexNet, the sequential predictive regression model Seq2Seq, the mainstream machine learning framework TensorFlow, and the AI ​​Go robot AlphaGo, especially AlexNet, which appeared in 2012.
Developed by Hinton and his two disciples Sutkwer and Alex Krizhevsky, it won the ImageNet Large-Scale Visual Recognition Challenge that year with a significant advantage. Related papers have been cited more than 60,000 times for deep learning. The move towards the mainstream and GPU becoming the mainstream AI training chip have all contributed.
In 2013, the AlexNet team co-founded the deep learning startup DNNResearch, which was later acquired by Google. Sutkwell was also hired as a research scientist by Google Brain. It didn\’t take long for Sutkwell to start a new side business at Google Brain. OpenAI.
In December 2015, out of concern that Google would monopolize AI technology, technology geeks Musk, Altman, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Stripe CTO Reg Brockman and other Silicon Valley elders co-founded the non-profit organization OpenAI Sutek Weir was invited by Musk to join the founding team of OpenAI and served as chief scientist.
Musk called this poaching experience \”one of the toughest recruiting battles\” but for this reason, Google co-founder Larry Page blamed Musk for this account, causing the relationship between the two people that was expected to be repaired to break down.
As the soul of OpenAI and leading the development of multiple large language models from GPT-1 to GPT-4 and ChatGPT, Sutkwell\’s sudden departure will cause OpenAI to experience a period of pain.
Both OpenAI insiders, top AI scholars and Musk, who is a powerful figure in the technology circle, all spoke highly of him. Musk even regarded the poaching of Sutkwell as the key to OpenAI\’s success and said that Sutkwell is not only smart. Still a good person with a kind heart.
Last year, when the OpenAI forced abortion incident occurred, Musk, who did not know the truth at the time and was watching the show, still jumped out to support Sutkwell. He believed that Sutkwell had a good moral code and did not pursue power unless he felt it was absolutely necessary. Take such drastic action.
.In fact, Sutkwell\’s resignation was not sudden. The foreshadowing was laid as early as the forced abortion incident at the end of last year.
On November 18 last year, the official website of OpenAI suddenly announced that Ultraman and Brockman were removed from the list. Sutkwell was one of the masterminds behind the scenes.
Based on pieces of information from various sources, Sutkwell first talked with three board members and reached a consensus, then convened a board meeting to make the removal decision without the presence of Altman and another co-founder.
Later, when Ultraman rushed back to the OpenAI headquarters to reorganize the board of directors, when all netizens thought that this would be the outcome of a battle that Ultraman would inevitably win, Sutkwell stood up and told the media that he would never let Ultraman return as CEO. But just when people thought everything was settled, Sutkwell changed his attitude and publicly apologized for the chaos caused by his participation in the board action.
After the palace battle drama finally came to an end with Ultraman\’s return, Sutkwell\’s ostensibly position was still the chief scientist of OpenAI, but he no longer appeared in the public eye. Even though Sora, the OpenAI image generation model, became famous overnight in February this year. However, he remained silent. Since then, the outside world has doubted whether Sutkweil will leave OpenAI, and the rumors have become even more uproar.

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