How to travel around Japan and save stocks wisely with a hand full of Japanese currency

The Japanese currency has depreciated again and again, and many people have taken the opportunity to take advantage of it and have a lot of Japanese currency in their hands. However, it is impossible to spend all your money on traveling to Japan at once, and the interest rate on Japanese yen deposits is close to 0. It would be a pity to just leave Japanese yen idle in the bank. It is better to invest in high dividend funds denominated in Japanese yen to activate your hands. of Japanese yen to achieve better investment returns; secondly, you can also participate in income opportunities, which can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

The Japanese currency has depreciated again and again, and many people have taken the opportunity to grab a lot of Japanese currency.
However, it is impossible to spend all the Japanese yen in one go when traveling to Japan, and the interest rate on deposits is close to 0. It would be a pity to just leave the Japanese yen idle in the bank. It is better to invest in a high dividend fund denominated in Japanese yen to activate the Japanese yen in your hand. Good investment returns; secondly, you can also participate in income opportunities, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.
Japan is one of Taiwanese\’s favorite tourist destinations. According to statistics from the Japan Tourism Bureau, the number of tourists from Taiwan to Japan from January to March 2024 reached 1.4789 million, an increase of 88% compared with the same period last year.
Many people even travel to Japan several times a year to take advantage of the depreciation of the Japanese currency to exchange large amounts of foreign currency.
From 0.25 in the past few years, it has been hovering around 0.21 now. Many people already have more than one million yuan of Japanese yen positions in the bank. There is no interest to spend in Japan, and there is no need to spend so much. How to use the idle Japanese yen more effectively? It is recommended that you consider global market stock funds denominated in Japanese currency, such as BlackRock Global Smart Data Equity Income Fund (the source of the fund\’s dividend distribution may be the principal). In addition to the accumulation level, it also introduces a Japanese currency-denominated dividend level.
Currently, Japanese currency-denominated funds on the market mainly invest in Japanese stocks to pursue growth opportunities rather than returns.
Through the BlackRock Global Smart Data Stock Income Fund (the source of the fund\’s dividend distribution may be the principal), you can not only find a good place for the idle Japanese currency in hand, but also have the opportunity to earn income, and hope to accumulate funds to go to Japan again.
Possessing dual income sources of dividends + premiums. The reason why this fund has dual income opportunities is due to the effectiveness of the income strategy of \”3% dividends with 4% premiums\”.
First, the fund focuses on high-quality stocks with dividend income, stable dividends and growth prospects, and systematically predicts the issuance dates of different countries. For example, Europe usually pays dividends in the spring, Taiwan usually pays dividends from June to August, and Japan pays them in March and September, taking advantage of the information gap. Capture potential revenue opportunities more efficiently.
Secondly, in order to increase income channels, adding option operations can help you grasp the rising momentum and reward opportunities of the stock market by collecting premiums, even in a volatile and upward market.
AI + big data intelligently selects high-quality high-dividend stocks. There are many high-dividend stocks around the world. How to select high-quality stocks. BlackRock Global Smart Data Stock Income Fund (the source of the fund’s dividend distribution may be the principal) uses big data to collect and organize information and use it to Artificial intelligence analysis generates investment signals to screen out companies with positive signals and excellent dividend performance.
In particular, companies that continue to grow their dividends tend to be stock market winners in the long run.
While selecting good stocks and obtaining good income opportunities, this fund also uses smart data to manage volatility, which helps reduce portfolio volatility.
Compared with funds of the same type, the annualized volatility in both the short, medium and long term is lower than the average of the same type.
Although interest rate cuts have to wait, high-dividend stocks are promising in the future. Although the Federal Reserve (Fed) has postponed the schedule of interest rate cuts, Fed Chairman Powell\’s latest remarks have indicated that the probability of future interest rate hikes is low. The current situation is that \”interest rate hikes are over, and interest rate cuts are imminent.\” The current environment should help dividend stocks perform.
Statistics on the performance of major assets one year after the pause in four U.S. interest rate hike cycles since 1997 show that high-dividend stocks outperformed global investment-grade bonds and beat global stocks by an average margin of performance.
From this point of view, this is the time to invest in high-dividend stocks. Investors may wish to use high-dividend stock funds to save stocks wisely and enjoy the investment opportunities of income! This article explains that investing in BlackRock Marketing Publicity Fund involves a certain degree of risk. It is recommended that investors should review their own risk tolerance and investment objectives before choosing the most suitable investment target.
The term \”income\” for an equity income fund refers to the fund\’s use of derivative instruments consistent with its investment objectives to generate additional income.
In order to obtain more consistent dividend income, in addition to capital gains and dividend income from stock investments, realized royalty income from selling short-term options is also one of the fund\’s dividend sources.
The fund\’s derivative financial product investment strategy includes selling short-term options and call operations. Different characteristics from other stock funds may cause the fund\’s performance to lag behind the market when the market rises sharply in the short term.
In order to seek consistent distribution of dividends to shareholders every month during the period, the fund\’s dividend distribution may be paid out of the principal; however, the above dividend distribution policy does not mean that the dividend distribution is fixed.
The fund\’s investment in the global stock market means that fund investors will also bear the risks that stock funds generally bear, which will not be reduced due to the operation of derivative financial products.
In addition, investors should pay attention to the investment risks that may arise from the operation of derivative instruments and this strategy (see the disclosure prospectus or investor instructions for details).
BlackRock Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. is independently operated and managed.
28th Floor, No. 100, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City Tel: 0223261600.
The fact that a fund has been approved or approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission does not mean that it is risk-free.
The past manager performance of the fund management company does not guarantee the minimum investment return of the fund; the fund management company is not responsible for the profit or loss of the fund except for fulfilling the duty of care of a good manager, nor does it guarantee the minimum return. Investors should read the fund prospectus carefully before subscribing.
The economic trend forecast mentioned in this article does not necessarily represent the performance of the fund. For fund investment risks, please read the fund prospectus or investor instructions for details.
The fees borne by the fund (overseas funds include distribution fees) have been disclosed in the fund\’s prospectus or investor instructions.
Investors can inquire at the Overseas Fund Information Observatory (
Investing in emerging markets may involve greater risks of price fluctuations and lower liquidity than investing in developed countries; other risks may include having to endure greater political or economic instability, exchange rate fluctuations, different regulatory structures and differences in accounting systems , The risk of limiting opportunities and bearing greater investment costs due to national policies.
When the fund\’s investment areas include mainland China and Hong Kong, investors must pay attention to the specific political, economic and market investment risks in the Chinese market.
According to the regulations of the Financial Supervisory Commission, current direct investment in securities in the mainland securities market is limited to listed securities and the inter-bank bond market and shall not exceed 20% of the net asset value of overseas funds.
The fund\’s dividend distribution rate does not represent the fund\’s return rate and the past distribution rate does not represent the future distribution rate; the net value of the fund may fluctuate due to market factors.
When receiving dividends, you should also pay attention to changes in the net value of the fund.
(Stable) Dividends from a dividend-paying share fund may be paid out of the fund\’s income or principal.
Any portion involving principal expenditure may result in a loss of the original investment amount; and the fund does not first deduct the related expenses that should be borne before distributing dividends.
Paying dividends before expenses generates more distributable income.
However, dividends paid out of principal may amount to a partial return to the investor\’s original investment or capital gains.
All payments of dividends will result in an immediate reduction in the net asset value per share of the shares on the ex-dividend date.
The relevant dividend distribution item table of the fund\’s principal payment has been disclosed on the BlackRock website. Investors can go to to inquire.
The amount of income distribution is determined by the fund directors and the level of income distribution is expected to be reviewed regularly.
However, if the fund directors deem it necessary (such as market conditions changing enough to affect the relevant funds, etc.), the income distribution amount can be revised at any time, so the amount distributed each time is not necessarily the same.
The main source of dividend distribution for stock funds is realized or unrealized capital gains, dividend income or realized royalty income from stock/securities-related commodity investments. An overview of dividend income can be obtained from the annualized dividend rate.
The fund\’s determination of each dividend distribution amount is based on the capital gains and dividend income obtained and other distribution sources, as well as the fund manager\’s view of the future market to evaluate whether the predetermined target dividend amount needs to be adjusted. If the fund causes capital gains due to market factors The target dividend amount may be lowered due to poor conditions of dividend sources such as and dividend income.
For detailed information on the source and situation of dividend distribution, please refer to the fund disclosure prospectus or investor instructions.
Investors will have different investment performance due to entering the market at different times. Past performance does not represent a guarantee of future performance.
Although the handling fee for overseas funds whose subscription fees are collected later can be deferred, an annual distribution fee of 1.25% still needs to be paid, which may increase the actual cost.
Investors subscribing to this fund hold fund benefit certificates rather than the investment assets or targets mentioned in this article.
The securities mentioned in this article are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent a recommendation or recommendation for any financial product or future investment by the fund.
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BlackRock® is a registered trademark of BlackRock, Inc., or its affiliates.
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